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Blonde army girl with a gun

When you have reviewed all the gwg web pages and need something new, it's time to search. Google images is great but always shows the same pictures. The best place to dig are these web pages with stock pictures. The only problem is the small size of the pictures and water marks, obviously all of these pages earn money selling high quality copies of these files.

Search under: "gun girl", "gun woman", "pistol", "armed", "dangerous"... the results can be amazing. Try also cosplay characters. Of course, sometimes you find the same pictures in several of these sites.
Always sort by date to select only the newest.

Some of these webs allow users to create groups of galleries. Try those Flickr groups:Womenwithweaponsgirlzandgunzgirls-with-guns or Pinterest: girls-with-guns/.

Classic web pages:

New ones:

I have found that these web pages are updated more frecuently and the results are more interesting.
The best ones are: 500px because the outstanding quality of the images in the last years, Flickrhivemind, because it make queries over Flickr and this is one of the most used photo sharing service, Devianart, because it's an amazing source of atistic and amateur pictures (and other type of art like drawings).

500px I use a lot
Many pages and outstanding quality. Always order by date (Newest).

Query on Flickrhivemind (gun girls) a good source of recent girl with guns pictures: I use a lot
Original webpage: http://flickrhivemind.net

Devianart I use a lot
Online community of artist where you can find drawings, pictures... just try "gun girl". Use "Show more" and "Browse More Like This" links to find more interesting pictures. To see adult pictures, you must login (it's free) and you must have the Devianart mature content filter turned off .
Devianart groups: MordredofOrkney/Girls with Guns

All the list of tumblr pages I have found.

Not as good as the others...

More stuff... 

Pages with picture galleries of girls with guns:
Links to Page Wyatt pictures and videos:
Pages with links to girls with guns pictures:
Forums with girls with guns pictures:

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