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Army girl with a gun

These webpages store the images and not only offer links, at this moment access is free.

A lot of white and black gungirls.

They call themshelfs: The world's premier girls with guns web site!.
A lot of gun girls. Galleries can be found under: Gun chicks photo galleries and Specialty photo galleries.

This page storages pictures from galleries the users upload. Many other categories. Search by terms: "gun", "guns", "danger", "armed"... You can also mix several search terms to find galleries like "boots gun".
Some pictures but not to many as I expected...

Doesn't work anymore

Hb-plaza (It's working again...!!!)
Japanese site with thousands of gun girl pictures. I have found a lot of new pictures, especially asian girls, but also american. The quality of the pictures is very good. 

(I'm having problems to load this web, it says "Forbidden. You don't have permission to access /cgi/gung/gung.htm on this server", and is a problem because it is a huge source of girls with guns...).
Old web:

Weaponscache (It seems they have problems with their servers...)
It's also a forum, but the gallery is a good source for recent pictures:  

Moviebadgirls (Now it's a blog with a few pictures...)
Probably was the best web page about Girls and Guns in all the Internet. Tons of pictures of beautiful gun babes. If you are starting with the girl with gun adiction this is the first web page you must visit.
It used to have a forum where people posted pictures and links, but it doesn't work for years. The page itsef hasn't been modified from 2009 so it doesn't incorporate the latests pictures.

CSaGaG - A Cheap Site about Girls and Guns (It doesn't work anymore) (Last Updated - September 1, 2011)
Very good web page. It storages galleries of sexy girls and offers reviews of paysites. 

More stuff...

Blonde girl with a gun
Links to Page Wyatt pictures and videos:
Girl in leather with a gun Pages with stock pictures of girls with guns:
Blonde girl with a gun Pages with links to girls with guns pictures:
Assasin girl with a gun Forums with girls with guns pictures:


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