(I) Cosplay web pages

A very good source of girls with guns are the cosplay pictures. Young girls dressed up like their favourite characters, sometimes with guns.
Use this characters list to find the more interesting pictures and models.

Cosplay web pages:

The best cosplay webpage. A lot of contributors and pictures. You can search by member name or costume. Want to see? try this link, or this.

Similar page but with less users.

It's not a cosplay webpage, but many cosplayers post their pictures here. Just search any cosplay character or just try "gun girl". Use "Show more" and "Browse More Like This" links to find more interesting pictures. You must login (it's free) and you must have the Devianart mature content filter turned off  to see adult pictures.

Cosplay erotica (Paysite)
Girls dressed like videogames heroines, sometimes with guns. Cosplay style with shiny clothing.
Some free galleries here.

Cosplay Mate (Paysite)
Similar to the previous... cosplay-cuties like to dress up in favorite character costumes and show off their erotic side.

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