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Bikini girl with a gun

There are some paysites about girl with guns. They offer pictures and videos, sometimes calendars or clothing. In general, european webpages work more the concept of "spygirl" or "assasin": classy style, ussually black leather, bond girls, silencers.. while american webs use the "army" concept: green camo colors, bikini wear, jungle... Is not difficult to find out from which one come those pages.

The best thing about these pages is that you get full galleries and videos, you don't have to search on Google and get individual photos. Subscription is not expensive and, in general, are updated quite frequently.

It offers pictures and videos. Nice gorgeous models with pistols and revolvers. Secret agent or burglar style.

A lot of sexy models and a variety of scenarios. White, ebony, asian... chicks. Several weapons, from pistols to bazooka or tanks.

The page with the hotest gungirl in the internet: Patricia. At the moment access to the videos and pictures is free. Secret agent style.

Agent Black Fox
Beautiful Uk model. Many free galleries to see before you pay. Several weapons included. Army, spy and other styles. Secret agent style.

Several charming models and fashion: bikini, casual, dress... it includes nude pictures.

Interesting if you also like leather and boots, but not all galleries offer girls with guns. Secret agent style.

Girls being kidnapped or tied with ropes. Some galleries contain girls with guns.

Guns and girls
Probably one of the oldest site on this list. Offers bikini girls with several guns: pistols, revolvers, machine guns...

Gun girls UK
Girls and guns; models of all shapes and sizes, in various sexy uniforms and locations, armed with a variety of hot weapons.

Cosplay erotica
Girls dressed like videogames heroines, sometimes with guns. Cosplay style with shiny clothing.
Some free galleries here.

A new webpage (2013) with pictures, videos and calendars of girls with guns. Mostly army and some cops.

Doesn't work anymore

Gunsgirlsetc (This site is closing in December 2014)
Nice. More real models and pictures.
Girls and guns (It doesn't work anymore)
Sexy armed girls in bikini, army style. Several weapons. Pictures and videos.

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  1. Hi. Thank you for the cool link. My favourite is PSSMWG. This Patricia is a very hot hitwoman and that the guns are loaded is so hot. For me the best gungirl. But its not a pay site. Greets john


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